Yellow Corn

Yellow Corn

Yellow Corn

Sadeer Farms


Yellow corn is a variety of sweet corn. Its ears are wrapped in tightly bound lime hued husks with silks and a tassel that extend out from the tip. The yellow kernels are packed in tight almost uniform rows. A single ear of corn can contain up to 400 kernels.


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About this Supplier

Sadeer farm is a family owned farm located in Northern Kuwait, Abdali. We began our journey due to the fact that when purchasing meat and vegetables in Kuwait, the consumer had no idea as to what conditions the livestock and produce are kept in, how they are fed, and how humanely they are treated. Originally, commercial use of the farm began with goats and their feed; our focus is on running an ecological production management system which promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biodiversity. To stay true to this value, we restrict use of off-farm products; instead, we use certain biologically friendly techniques which work to maintain and enhance soil fertility as well as to keep pests at bay without the use of any pesticides or GMO products. With the success of the goats, we recently decided to venture into vegetables and fruit production for human consumption which has provided bountiful harvests for the local community to enjoy. Our goals are to promote organic agriculture, sustainability, openness, independence, health and safety. Spread the word!